Overwhelming a Ghost

By Anonymous

the creaks of a radiator we are sitting on that doesn’t quite work anymore

people walking into other rooms, laughing, chatting 

the sound of footsteps upstairs

the snapping of rain outside 

scratching pens 

a cricket in the void 

pens falling to the ground 

someone clawing at their head

Jesus looking down at us like a disappointed mother

cars passing on the road, trying to imitate the wind

your heartbeat but something is just slightly off

that ringing we have in our ears 

my own steady breathing

the sun setting too quickly

flowers dying but being too indifferent to care

cars passing by, throwing rain onto the sidewalk 

my heartbeat but it’s perfectly fine and you can hear it better than yours

the moon rising and screaming at the top of her lungs while doing so

clouds that really, really want to know how dry grass feels

doors closing and opening and closing and

blood vessels expanding 

pupils dilating

a sighing wind 



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