I dream under constellations 

By Grace Sinkins

Roaring night that’s freckled with stars

We watch the andromeda roam

Nobody knows the wonders that we have seen 

Under the glow of a world only we know 

The regulus leads me home 

A child of august

Born a lion-heart and a compassionate lover 

Forever mine under the milky moon 

Hands intertwined like connected constellations 

Golden air rises like my breath against your chest 

I guess every star burns out in the end

About the Author

Grace Sinkins is a seventeen years old poet who loves reading classic books, thrifting oversized sweaters, and applying way too much eye makeup. Grace has been published in numerous magazines such as Corporeal lit, Meditating cat Zine, and Meadow mouse Zine. Grace hopes that her words can somehow make an impact on your day. You can find her in your local coffee shop or on Instagram @gracexlizzie. 

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