All Accepted Pieces

Etheric Plane

By Jonel Abellanosa In my mind’s deep space.  Blood is the song’s vessel.  Aware, I let light lead across  my circulatory system – a tree to songbirds. Weightless, I draw the sky, echo my will, …

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By Jonel Abellanosa Darkness rims my room.  I press eyelids close,  pressure on eyeballs.  Pendant of light  flashes.  Delight, my face numb.  I think of electromagnetism.  I think of pulse, vibrations,  sound frequencies. Ear to…

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The Apartment

by Rose E. Wormwood
Okay, well, I guess it’s fine. It’s fine. No problem. It’s just that- well, it kind of sucks…

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At a Crosswalk

by Alexander Lazarus Wolff
I saw a man in a dream. His tweed
jacket was threadbare along…

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The Team

by Domonic Fannuci
“Are we all set?”

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In A Cell

by Ace Boggess
Three times. Same guy, faceless.
Guards kept dragging him off…

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10 p.m

by Yuu Ikeda
10 p.m.
is the time
when I can be…

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