In the Silver Light of a Star That Is No Star

by Daniel David Froid 1. From the Introduction              At the same time that Ingeborg Nilsen labored over her magnum opus, A Metaphysics of the Unreal, she occupied herself, in secret, with two other projects: the construction of a secret language and a text composed in that artificial tongue.  Continue reading “In the Silver Light of a Star That Is No Star”

Aphorism #13

by Alex Missall Don’t lose the thread. – The red and white koi,the white and red koi float (as if whiskered, flickeredthoughtsnavigating surfacesof reality)within the circular pond.The sun is rising.You hear a few birds beginning to sing,and the rocky fallrecirculatingan aimlessness.Anamnesis:static that peelsaway the moments.Before daybreak,I woke with tears running down my face,made coffee,then walkedContinue reading “Aphorism #13”

I dream under constellations 

By Grace Sinkins Roaring night that’s freckled with stars We watch the andromeda roam Nobody knows the wonders that we have seen  Under the glow of a world only we know  The regulus leads me home  A child of august Born a lion-heart and a compassionate lover  Forever mine under the milky moon  Hands intertwinedContinue reading “I dream under constellations “

Disease is a Mirror

By Emily Greenquist Trigger warnings: illness, being woken up by an attacker, confined spaces, dementia, death. Previously Published in Wordgathering: A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature Early July 2019 It started with a dull pain in my left side; I rolled out of bed with it, and it gnawed at me.The pain existed whereContinue reading “Disease is a Mirror”