I Dreamt We Went to See Dokken

We stood in line,  noting the band’s name on the marquee.  1980s pop metal—big hair,  catchy songs I recall as poorly as the dream.  There we were like tee-shirted teens, eager for the doors breaking open.  We held tickets, skeleton keys.  I haven’t thought of that group in years, not since cassette tapes & SonyContinue reading “I Dreamt We Went to See Dokken”

In A Cell

by Ace Boggess Dreamt a prison fight repeating. Three times. Same guy, faceless. Guards kept dragging him off  to the hole, & back he came,  having learned nothing, yanking his bedclothes from beneath an inmate,  collecting his few possessions  from those who’d claim them.  Each time, fists. Each time, blood before officers could intervene. IContinue reading “In A Cell”

Shallow Breathes

By Sarah Brownstein Hearts beating  Slow and steady  Tongues tasting  The candied flowers  Rain  Pouring down  Down to the balls of the feet and past  Into the dirt  Waiting for us to fall asleep and  Screaming for your mother to come  Only to suffocate  And wake up  Intertwined with your enemy Your lover Your lustfulContinue reading “Shallow Breathes”

I’m Ready for My Close Up, Mr. De Ville 

by Sarah Brownstein Rose stood at the corner of Old Court and Stevenson in front of the red brick synagogue.  The December wind blew her long red dress up and out. The straps of her silver heels were  cutting into her blistering feet. She looked down at her sterling silver watch. 10:33 pm. Her hairContinue reading “I’m Ready for My Close Up, Mr. De Ville “

Haze and Night

by Yuu Ikeda Haze says to night,  <Please wait a minute>,  <Please let me float  on the border between  night and morning,  a little longer>  The silent moment―  A dewdrop on a leaf falls―  The silent moment―  The moonlight  and the light of dawn  mix―  Haze gradually goes to the sky,  imagining these silent moment Continue reading “Haze and Night”