In the Silver Light of a Star That Is No Star

by Daniel David Froid 1. From the Introduction              At the same time that Ingeborg Nilsen labored over her magnum opus, A Metaphysics of the Unreal, she occupied herself, in secret, with two other projects: the construction of a secret language and a text composed in that artificial tongue.  Continue reading “In the Silver Light of a Star That Is No Star”


By Jonel Abellanosa Darkness rims my room.  I press eyelids close,  pressure on eyeballs.  Pendant of light  flashes.  Delight, my face numb.  I think of electromagnetism.  I think of pulse, vibrations,  sound frequencies. Ear to please the heart.  Light rings,  orb of black, hollow,  rimmed. Luminescent band pulls me through it  into the other side, Continue reading “Portal”