What Guardrails?

by Bobby Parrott Gauzy tails fluke my thought fishinto the nooks of my head-constructand I think, sky. Meanwhile,yesterday’s umbrella flexes spinesat tomorrow’s body of orangesrolling like suns down the secondsto fuse my moldering measureof Cartesian. In snail-shell curvesmy car, like so many cornflakestip the spoon toward my open mouth,and despite the deal I’ve madewith impermanence,Continue reading “What Guardrails?”

death of abstraction

by BEE LB Previously published by fifth wheel press i’ve been dreaming of the world coming to a close.my mind becomes violent when left to itself.the last, the world shaking itself apart, rupturing its spine in order to cleave what isno longer necessary. you understand, i wason the second floor, cowering beneath myself. i watchedContinue reading “death of abstraction”

Psychedelic Laundry

By Bobby Parrott Why do we do this? We don’t know. No one knows. We’re stuck in a Dr. Seuss hardback.We can’t just pop off the page. We’re all in a lockstep sequence, part of a mechanizedsubconscious, puppets of community sneakers. Every family in town lines up thru thesquare leading up the hill where theContinue reading “Psychedelic Laundry”