Whatever Will Be, Will Be

by Isabelle B.L.               Weeds shoot through concrete cracks. I yank them out of their foundations and run my finger across the bare wet soil. My finger fits perfectly between the walls of concrete. I get on my knees and tug and smooth. I…

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Growth Spurt

by Cecilia Kennedy                The pain in my back starts at my spine and radiates upward. Most of the time, I can ignore it, but sometimes, it’s too much. So I take one of the pills the doctor gave me and go to sleep,…

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In the Silver Light of a Star That Is No Star

by Daniel David Froid 1. From the Introduction              At the same time that Ingeborg Nilsen labored over her magnum opus, A Metaphysics of the Unreal, she occupied herself, in secret, with two other projects: the construction of a secret language and a text composed…

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