The Child We Never Had

By Michelle Meyer is a girl.We name her Esme Marion. Marionfor my grandmother, Esmebecause we heard it somewhereand think it’s beautiful, even more sowhen we look it up and discoverthat it means “to esteem, to love.”She mostly looks like you with her kind eyes,narrow nose, long legs, and toes.But she…

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By Thorn Trigger Warnings: Surgery, top surgery, doctors, minor gore, dysphoria, reference to cannibalism Again.             Again.                      Again.  Score deep under my flesh, lift out the bloody mess that’s left  Ah, at last.   White lights,…

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Aphorism #13

by Alex Missall Don’t lose the thread. – The red and white koi,the white and red koi float (as if whiskered, flickeredthoughtsnavigating surfacesof reality)within the circular pond.The sun is rising.You hear a few birds beginning to sing,and the rocky fallrecirculatingan aimlessness.Anamnesis:static that peelsaway the moments.Before daybreak,I woke with tears running…

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