At a Crosswalk

By Alexander Lazarus Wolff I saw the man in a dream. His tweed  jacket was threadbare along the length of the sleeve just as I remembered. People rushed around him like water tending to a stone.  I did not know what to think at first. I thought perhaps I was…

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I Dreamt We Went to See Dokken

We stood in line,  noting the band’s name on the marquee.  1980s pop metal—big hair,  catchy songs I recall as poorly as the dream.  There we were like tee-shirted teens, eager for the doors breaking open.  We held tickets, skeleton keys.  I haven’t thought of that group in years, not…

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In A Cell

by Ace Boggess Dreamt a prison fight repeating. Three times. Same guy, faceless. Guards kept dragging him off  to the hole, & back he came,  having learned nothing, yanking his bedclothes from beneath an inmate,  collecting his few possessions  from those who’d claim them.  Each time, fists. Each time, blood…

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