after Hala Alyan by BEE LB in front of me is the whole horizon. though i know i’ll never touch it,i can’t stop reaching. i have never felt time as acutely as this season. each second a grain of sand, each hour a rockin the river, each day a continuing…

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What Guardrails?

by Bobby Parrott Gauzy tails fluke my thought fishinto the nooks of my head-constructand I think, sky. Meanwhile,yesterday’s umbrella flexes spinesat tomorrow’s body of orangesrolling like suns down the secondsto fuse my moldering measureof Cartesian. In snail-shell curvesmy car, like so many cornflakestip the spoon toward my open mouth,and despite…

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by Charlotte Amelia Poe (preferred name: Poe) you don’t have to believe me -i know i have a lousy track recordlike that time i said i wasn’t going to dieand then i didbut this time i mean it babyi’m going to watch the world burn as i hold your handfucking…

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