Submissions are currently open.

General Guidlines

Submissions are open on a rolling basis. Send your work to

In the subject line, please put “SUBMISSION(S), first name, last name.” In the body of the email, specify what genre you are submitting to, your preferred name, and pronouns. You can submit to more than one genre, however, you must separate each submission by email. (For instance, if you want to submit to poetry and art, send two emails- one poetry, one art). Each piece should be its own individual document.

The piece you submit should be in a PDF format (unless otherwise specified, see below), and your name should NOT be on the document. You should hear back from us in 2-3 weeks. For more specific guidelines pertaining to genre, continue reading.

We do not take untitled work. If your work does not have a title, we will not publish it. We take previously published and simultaneous submissions. If your piece has been published elsewhere, please say where in the email.

One more thing: dreams may take us to a weird place, and though the odd landscape may be familiar to us, it might be disconcerting to others. If you believe your piece may be disturbing to the average viewer, please include any potential trigger warnings in the body of the PDF and email.

If you want to see more of what we publish, check out our accepted pieces page.

What Are We Looking For?

Nebulous is dedicated to dream writing- this is up to the contributor’s interpretation. The individual’s dream is tailored to their psyche, and therefor the concept of “dream writing” will be different to everyone. Generally, we’re looking for mismatched narratives, lucid transcriptions, and anything else that falls under the sublime category. If you think it fits, send it our way- all writing comes, in part, from the subconscious mind, so there’s no harm in trying.


We take all types of fiction writing. For fiction pieces, please do not send anything longer than 15 pages. It should be in a readable font, double spaced. If your piece is a specific type of fiction writing, (i.e., flash fiction, script, etc.) please state so in the email, though not necessary.


We take all types of poetry. Please send no more than either four poems, or ten pages. It should be in a readable font. If you would like to specify the style of poem you are submitting (i.e. sonnets, haiku) you may do so, though it is not necessary.


Non-fiction can be any type you like: an account of an odd dream you had, the experience of waking up from a nightmare- we are even open to reviews of dream-like media. Please do not submit more than 15 pages. Use a readable font, double spaced.


We take any type of art, from any medium. Collages, sculptures, photography- have a schematic for a building you saw in a dream? That works too. Please only submit five pieces at a time. When submitting, please specify the medium and size (when applicable) of the piece.


If you have crafted dulcet, sleepy tones, or filmed a reenactment of an odd dream you once had, send it our way. For both music and film, please nothing longer than five minutes.

For music, if you are the sole creator, please state so. If you are part of a band, please list the band name and each member’s preferred name. Send it to us through Soundcloud , YouTube video link, or Spotify link.

For video, if you are the sole creator, please state so. If there are others you would like to be credited (editor, producer, etc.) please list their preferred names in the email. Send it to us through either a YouTube link, or a Vimeo link.


Do you have something to submit, but don’t see the category on this page? Send it anyway. In the body of the email, please be as specific as possible as to what it is your submitting.

One Last Thing

Nebulous does not take racist, homophobic, sexist, or generally bigoted work. We do not accept pieces with slurs or explicit discrimination towards marginalized groups. Submitting something that falls under this category not only guarantees it will not be published, but you will be blacklisted from submitting again.

Dreams may take us to a weird place. It is important to remember that not everything that happens in your dream world is meant to be translated and shared with others, especially if it causes distress resulting from triggering content. Please dream responsibly.

Have a Question? Let us know.

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